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The Best Way To Spend. N6,600, N13,200, N19,800 , #46,200 This Season*

*The Best Way To Spend. N6,600, N13,200, N19,800 , #46,200 This Season*

You can start this season on a high note with great potentials to create amazing wealth! The real question however is, What do I stand to loose by donating my N6,600, N13,200, N19,800 or #46,200 to Helping Hands International?

BUT FIRST, LET'S LOOK AT THESE QUESTIONS! *Have you lost N6,600, N13,200, #19,800 or more before? *Have you spent N6,600, N13,200, N19,800 on something you today can't even remember?

*How many N6,600, N13,200,N19,800 did you spend last or this year that had no promise or hope of anything in return? NOW LET ME SHOW YOU WHAT YOU STAND TO GAIN WITH N6,600, N13,200, N19,800 or #46,200!

By making a one time donation of N6,600, N13,200, N19,800 qualifies you as a Help partner with the international NGO, Helping Hands International (H2i). Meaning that the organization has to go through you to reach out to people around you! You grow to nominate two less privileged persons whom the NGO will empower with $1000 each! One motherless babies home (orphanage) will also be empowered on your recommendation!

You will have the privilege of attending a full Free Trade and Skill Acquisition. A variety of skills which will help Partners start a business of their own are thought and certificate given at the end of the course.

By part-taking in the business opportunity, you gain from the amazing Compensation Plan. Earn cash in dollars and other promotional rewards from corporate sponsors.

You can buy any asset of your choice with just 30% down payment. Access business loan to help start a new business or expand an existing one, interest and collateral free! Scholarship Award for your 2 children and 4 less privileged children! This is truly amazing! N6,600, N13,200,#19,800 or #46,200 can get you all these and many more!

That's the power of leverage! DON'T LET ANOTHER N6,600, N13,200, N19,800 , #46,200 WASTE, BECAUSE REALLY, WHAT DO YOU STAND TO LOOSE?? *Nothing* H2I ROCKS!!!

Adesina Entrepreneur /NMpro

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